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Recent Press Releases

“Maria” From Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC) Wins the 2017 PBS Online Film Festival’s “Most Popular” Award

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Two winners were announced today for the sixth annual PBS Online Film Festival. The film that took the “Most Popular” award was “Maria,” presented by Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC) and The National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) film “You Can Go,” received the “Juried Prize.”

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PBS KIDS Announces the Return of Fan Favorite with New Digital Series: THE RUFF RUFFMAN SHOW

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THE RUFF RUFFMAN SHOW is an all-new short-form animated digital series designed to help kids ages 4-8 learn core science concepts through videos, game-play and hands-on activities.

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CIVILIZATIONS, a PBS and BBC Co-Production, to Premiere Spring 2018

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PBS announced CIVILIZATIONS, a new nine-part series presented in partnership with the BBC tells the story of art from the dawn of human history to the present day —for the first time on a global scale. Premieres in spring 2018.

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PBS Celebrates the Joy of Reading With THE GREAT AMERICAN READ (w.t.)

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THE GREAT AMERICAN READ (w.t.), a new eight-part television series and nationwide campaign that explores the joy of books and the power of reading, told through the prism of America’s 100 best-loved books will launch in spring 2018.

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PBS KIDS Announces New Series LUNA AROUND THE WORLD, Premiering Fall 2018

Posted by Susan Timcheck on

LUNA AROUND THE WORLD will encourage kids ages 4-7 to explore and appreciate cultures from all over the world, and build global citizenship and social skills.

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