Frequently Asked Questions

I want to use or share PBS content

  • Can I put the PBS logo on my web site?

    If you would like to place the PBS logo on your web site, please contact us with your request at:

    Contact Us

  • Can I redistribute, or use articles and content found on the PBS Parents or Teachers web site?

    You may use and reproduce articles and content found on the PBS Parents and Teachers web sites. However, you may not charge for the information that you are using or distributing, and each article used must include proper sourcing (i.e. "This information was provided by PBS Parents/PBS Teachers") and the content's URL web address on the site.

  • How can I view PBS programs internationally?

    Unfortunately, PBS does not have the rights to broadcast its programming internationally. It is possible for a local broadcaster to obtain the rights to PBS programming directly through the program's producer. Contact information for most PBS shows can be found on the individual program web site or the PBS Program Contacts page at:

    Programs A-Z
    Program Contacts

    You may be interested to know that a number of our programs are available for viewing online. However, please note that many of our programs are subject to rights restrictions. You can find a compilation of PBS programs currently available by visiting the following web site:
    Internationally Available Collection

  • I want to put a link on my web site to Can I do that?

    You can place a link to on your Web site, provided you clearly indicate the link is for “PBS.” Please note that content cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes, and use of any PBS content must include a citation of the appropriate Web site address. Unfortunately, PBS does not link to unsolicited Web site addresses.

  • I want to use content (images, text, clips, video). Can I do that?

    For using images, text, or other content from a PBS Program web site for online or print publication, please send your request to the producers of that web site, as they have the authority to grant permission or can direct you to their original source. You can find PBS program producer contact information on the program site itself or on our Program Contacts page. Be sure to include the exact address of the web site on which the content is located. For using images, text, or other content from other areas of that are not part of program web sites, Contact Us .