Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble watching PBS on my TV

  • Why is my reception of the PBS signal unavailable or not working correctly?

    Each PBS member station transmits the signal feed for its local area.  We suggest you contact your local station to notify them of any problems so they can assist you in finding a solution.
    Contact information for PBS member stations can be found at:
    PBS Station Finder

  • I live in Canada and I am having trouble receiving the PBS signal.

    Since you watch PBS in Canada, please first identify which PBS station you watch so that you can look up its schedule by state or contact it directly. Several PBS stations serve Canadian audiences - the principal stations are:

    KCTS Washington
    KSPS Washington
    WTVS Michigan
    WNED Buffalo/New York
    WXXI Rochester/New York
    WCFE Mountain Lake/New York
    Vermont PTV
    New Hampshire PTV

    Unfortunately, our Station Finder is based upon the U.S. zip code and/or state system. If you recognize the call letters for your local station, you can visit our Station Finder and look up your station by state at:

    PBS Station Finder

    If you do not recognize your station or know its state, please contact us with your station's call letters and we will find the appropriate contact information for you. You can contact us at:
    Contact Us

  • How can I view PBS programs internationally?

    Unfortunately, PBS does not have the rights to broadcast its programming internationally. It is possible for a local broadcaster to obtain the rights to PBS programming directly through the program's producer. Contact information for most PBS shows can be found on the individual program web site or the PBS Program Contacts page at:

    Programs A-Z
    Program Contacts

    You may be interested to know that a number of our programs are available for viewing online. However, please note that many of our programs are subject to rights restrictions. You can find a compilation of PBS programs currently available by visiting the following web site:
    Internationally Available Collection