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Thank you for watching PBS. The vast majority of satellite customers are able to receive local channels. As satellite providers continue to expand the locations where they offer local channels, more and more viewers will be able to receive their local PBS station(s) instead of the PBS national feed.

C-Band Satellite Service

A High Definition (HD) digital “clear feed” of PBS programming is now available to serve households that use satellite receiving antennas (backyard dishes) to directly access video programming. The PBS Satellite Service features all of PBS's signature prime time series, a twelve hour children's block, and special national programming. 

C-Band dish owners can access PBS’s digital clear feed by readily-available digital consumer receivers beginning November 15, 2010. The feed is on Transponder 20 of the AMC-1 satellite located at 103 degrees West Longitude.  

 Technical parameters of the feed are:

  • AMC-1, 103 degrees West Longitude
  • C-Band Transponder 20 (Vertical polarization) 
  • DVB-S QPSK modulation 
  • Carrier Center Frequency: 4091 Mhz (1059 Mhz L-Band) 
  • Symbol rate: 14.028731 Msps

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