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What are sponsored links?

Revised: August 2006

Sponsored links are paid advertisements provided by Google. While PBS makes every attempt to ensure that sponsored links adhere to the specific content guidelines, please be aware that when you click on a sponsored link, you will leave pbs.org. These sites may differ from PBS in editorial approach, technologies used, and privacy guidelines. It's important that you make yourself aware of other sites' privacy policies and your browser's security settings when navigating the Internet.

Why are there sponsored links on pbs.org?
To continue to provide access to a wide range of free, high-quality content and services, from television programs and Web sites to tools and training for teachers, PBS is exploring new, responsible ways to expand our funding; sponsored links are one part of this effort. Neither Google nor any advertiser featured in Google's sponsored links has any control over, or involvement in, PBS' editorial process.

How do sponsored links work?
Advertisers sign up with Google to have their ads appear on Google's network of search and content partner sites (including pbs.org). Google's technology displays advertiser links relevant to page content or a user's search.

Who decides which links appear?
Google has strict guidelines for ads that it accepts into its network. PBS has also established its own sponsored links guidelines, which provide additional filters. In the event that an ad appears on pbs.org that PBS deems editorially inappropriate, we will make every effort to remove the ad as quickly as possible and block it from appearing again.

We encourage you to provide any feedback you might have about sponsored links on pbs.org. This feedback will inform how we evolve online advertising and other aspects of the site moving forward. Thank you in advance for your input.

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