Corporate Sponsorships and Consumer Products

Since 1969, PBS has consistently delivered award-winning content to Americans in communities across the country.  From the ground-breaking drama and history ofMasterpiece and The Civil War, to the probing science of NOVA and acclaimed children’s series such as Sesame StreetSid the Science Kid and WordGirl, PBS programming has been a part of the American media experience for more than 40 years.  Today, PBS is leveraging new technologies to reach new audiences.  Groundbreaking interactive content through, and multiple mobile applications allow us to continue our mission to provide the public with content that serves as a gateway to new ideas and new worlds, for every American, from every walk of life.

Each year hundreds of corporate partners work with PBS and our member stations — providing funds that ensure that high quality programming and services remain available to every American and helping to extend the value of our content beyond the TV screen.

PBS Sponsorship

PBS engages organizations through a variety of sponsorship opportunities. Each year, PBS receives valuable support from corporations, foundations, associations and government agencies that help further the mission of PBS through sponsorship activities.

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Local Opportunities

PBS member stations are also home to a wide variety of corporate opportunities including local underwriting and event sponsorship. To learn more about these opportunities click here to find your local PBS station. 

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