The PBS WARN Project


The PBS WARN project provides a satellite-based backup to any cellular carrier that participates in sending geotargeted Wireless Emergency Alert messages from FEMA to their subscribers.

Transmitting across 367 stations in all states and territories, the PBS distribution of the Wireless Emergency Alert messages will reach virtually any cellular network operations center in the country.

PBS WARN is the channel of last resort. When even the internet is down, PBS stations can help keep their communities informed with an alternative pathway for this critical next generation of emergency alerts. Because of the WARN program, cellular operators that could not otherwise be able to add redundancy to their operations will be able to keep their subscribers as well informed as if they had their own satellite backup system.

The WARN project is funded by a Department of Commerce grant through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

Additional information for carriers

Additional information for PBS member stations

PBS WARN Contacts

Dana Golub, Executive Director (, 919-834-2259)
Aaron Silverman, Communications Director (, 703-739-5054)
John Kulstad, Senior Broadcast Engineer (, 703-739-5490)
Susana Lopez, Senior Administrative Manager (, 703-739-5268)

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