The PBS WARN Project Information for Stations


Public television stations, by virtue of their community-based mission and wide distribution throughout the United States, provide an ideal platform to provide a backup method of transmitting Wireless Enabled Alert (WEA) messages, should the primary link to FEMA become unavailable.

All stations in the U.S. with valid Non-Commercial Educational licenses who receive programming from HD-01 transponder 24 are required by the FCC to carry WEA messages over-the-air as part of their broadcast stream.

The PBS WARN team has designed a highly redundant system to enable qualifying stations to meet this FCC mandate. The NTIA grant allows us to provide the necessary equipment to every station in the country.

Stations in need of WARN Turn-Up Instructions can access them by logging in to and searching for WARN.

PBS WARN Contacts:

Dana Golub, Executive Director (, 919-834-2259)
Aaron Silverman, Communications Director (, 703-739-5054)
John Kulstad, Senior Broadcast Engineer (, 703-739-5490)
Susana Lopez, Senior Administrative Manager (, 703-739-5268)


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