Episode 4: The Crusader

America in Primetime
Heroes' stories are told with increasing humanity, depicting characters who confront difficult choices as they fight evil in a world where the line between right and wrong is often blurred.

Aired November 20, 2011

The Crusader delves into the increasingly grey area between right and wrong where television heroes confront internal demons while seeking their own forms of justice.

The Crudader interviews include:


Bob Cochran (Creator)
Joel Surnow (Creator)


Sara Colleton (Executive Producer) 
Michael C. Hall (Actor, “Dexter Morgan”)
James Manos Jr. (Writer)
 Phillips (Executive Producer) 

Homicide: Life on the Street

Tom Fontana (Writer)


Hugh Laurie (Actor, “Gregory House”) 
 Shore (Creator) 


Alan Alda (Actor, “Hawkeye Pierce”)


Steven Bochco (Creator) 
Dennis Franz (Actor, “Andy Sipowicz”)
David Milch (Creator) 

The Shield

Michael Chiklis (Actor, “Vic Mackey”) 
Shawn Ryan (Creator)

The Wire

David Simon (Creator)
Michael K. Williams (Actor, “Omar Little”)


Gillian Anderson (Actor, “Dana Scully”) 
Chris Carter (Creator)
Vince Gilligan (Writer)

America in Primetime
David Simon, writer of "The Wire," discusses the character of Omar and the profession of "stick up" boys.

"I think we are in a, indeed in a golden age television. I think TV today, pound for pound, storytelling-wise is more interesting, dare I say it than Hollywood movies. And I think it’s because television is first and foremost about storytelling. When you create a TV show, what you hope is that by virtue of the writing, by virtue of the actors you have cast, or the situations the characters find themselves in, are so interesting or so dramatic and perilous, that you want to keep coming back for more." — VINCE GILLIGAN, Producer, Breaking Bad

The Misfit

The Misfit

Celebrate the oddballs, losers and weirdos who reflect the diverseness of America.

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