America in Primetime

Episode 2: Man of the House

Man of the House showcases the evolution of men from the kings of their castles in classic family sitcoms to more intricate, conflicted figures in modern shows.

"Television is a writer’s medium and an actor’s medium. You know, directors, executives, they make a difference. But it's really about developing those characters. And when it's really well done, it provides the most kind of depth. They used to say it's because those characters are coming into your living room. And, I never believed that, even as a kid. I always felt it’s because, week after week, hour after hour, really feeling like you're connecting with those characters and seeing them cope with things - that, whatever the tone, whatever the outcomes, whatever the choices the characters make, you really start to feel like you just know them." - RON HOWARD, Director

Watch the second episode
  of America in Primetime, Man of the House.

Man of the House interviews include:

All in the Family

Norman Lear (Creator)
Rob Reiner (Actor, “Michael Stivic”)

The Andy Griffith Show

Ron Howard (Actor, “Opie Taylor”)

The Bernie Mac Show

Larry Wilmore (Creator)

Big Love

Mark Olsen (Creator)
Bill Paxton (Actor, “Bill Henrickson”)

Will Scheffer (Creator)

Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston (Actor, “Walter White”)
Vince Gilligan (Creator)

The Cosby Show

Marcy Carsey (Executive Producer)
Tom Werner (Executive Producer)

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Carl Reiner (Creator)
Mary Tyler Moore (Actor, “Laura Petrie”)

Dick Van Dyke (Actor, “Robert Petrie”)

Everybody Loves Raymond

Patricia Heaton (Actor, “Debra Barone”)
Phil Rosenthal (Creator)

Mike Royce (Writer)

Leave It to Beaver

Jerry Mathers (Actor, “Beaver Cleaver”)

Mad Men

Elizabeth Moss (Actor, “Peggy Olson”)
Matt Weiner (Creator) 

Modern Family

Steve Levitan (Creator)
Christopher Lloyd (Creator)

Eric Stonestreet (Actor, “Cameron Tucker”)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Actor, “Mitchell Pritchett”)

The Sopranos

David Chase (Creator)
Edie Falco (Actor, “Carmela Soprano”)


Marshall Herskovitz (Creator)
Ed Zwick (Creator)


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