America in Primetime

Episode 3: The Misfit

The Misfit celebrates the unique characters who defied comic stereotypes and societal expectations to reflect America’s diverse personalities.

"We strive all our lives as writers, artists, actors, to connect with other people through what we do. TV at its best connects with you directly, personally, because it's a small box in your house, maybe even in your room. Maybe next to your bed. There is no more intimate connection that you have with anything other than the people next to you. But the TV, because of its size and because of the smaller nature of the stories that are being told for the small screen actually get in a little deeper sometimes." - PHIL ROSENTHAL, Writer, Everybody Loves Raymond

Watch the third episode of America in Primetime, The Misfits.

The Misfit interviews include:

30 Rock

Alec Baldwin (Actor, “Jack Donaghy”)

The Addams Family

John Astin (Actor, “Gomez Addams”)

Arrested Development

Mitchell Hurwitz (Creator)
Jeffrey Tambor (Actor, “George Bluth Sr.”)

Beavis and Butthead

Mike Judge (Creator)

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David (Creator)

Freaks and Geeks

Judd Apatow (Executive Producer)
Paul Feig (Creator)

The Larry Sanders Show

Judd Apatow (Producer/Writer)
Gary Shandling (Creator/Actor,“Larry Sanders”)

Jeffrey Tambor (Actor, “Hank Kingsley”)

The Office

Greg Daniels (Creator)
Paul Feig (Director)

Larry Wilmore (Consulting Producer/Actor, “Mr. Brown”)

Rainn Wilson (Actor, “Dwight Schrute”)


Jason Alexander (Actor,“George Castanza”)
Larry David (Creator)

Six Feet Under

Alan Ball (Creator)


James L. Brooks (Creator)
Danny DeVito (Actor, “Louie De Palma”)

Marilu Henner (Actor, “Elaine Nardo”)

True Blood

Alan Ball (Creator)

United States of Tara

Diablo Cody (Creator)



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