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Parents Guide

PBS' acclaimed documentary series AMERICAN HIGH captures a year in the life of 14 Chicago area high school students, both at school and at home. From fall term to graduation, American High depicts a true and sometimes startling picture of adolescence---no actors, no scripts, just life. This intimate look at American teenage life, offers a rare opportunity for parents to examine the challenges of raising teens in today's complex world. As the series unfolds, the real teens and parents featured in AMERICAN HIGH cope with a wide range of teenage issues and adolescent difficulties including: the impact of divorce, low grades, dropping out of school, teen drug and alcohol abuse, teen sexuality issues, and cliques and peer pressure.

The accompanying AMERICAN HIGH Parents' Guide is designed to help parents use the television series as a catalyst for understanding teens and teen behavior. The first section, American High Closeups, is intended for use whether or not you have watched the series and includes insights into the critical issues of adolescence so frankly and vividly portrayed in AMERICAN HIGH— family communication and parent child relationships, teen friendships, academics, children and divorce, addiction and sexual identity. You'll find up-to-the-minute research on these issues as well as expert advice, parenting tips and additional resources. The second section, Viewing & Discussing American High, is designed to be used in viewing the series episode by episode with or without your teenager. It includes brief descriptions of each program, related tips on parenting teens and ideas for talking with your teen about the show. Download this printable version of the AMERICAN HIGH Parents' Guide, for a wealth of ideas to support you in what is arguably the most difficult relationship on earth: parent and teen.