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Joseph Smith
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Joseph Smith: Timeline

Haun's Mill Massacre

October 30, 1838

At about four P.M. approximately 240 men ride up to the small community of Haun's Mill (which has fewer than 15 buildings) and open fire on a flag of truce. Many of the Saints gather in the blacksmith's shop; guns are stuck through the cracks in the logs and fired until most in the building are dead. A few escape across the river into the hills. By the end of the massacre, 1600 rounds of ammunition have been fired at 40 people; 18 or 19 have been killed, and about 15 wounded. Among those killed are boys under 10 and men over 75 years old.

Source: J. Christopher Conkling, A Joseph Smith Chronology, Deseret Book Company, 1979.

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