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America Quilts celebrates the artists, the quilts and the powerful stories woven into them. This program examines quilts from three perspectives—as historical records, symbols of family and community, and works of art.

America Quilts VHSA stunning kaleidoscope of colors and patterns reflects the variety and intensity of this art form, and the artists who created them are as varied as the patterns in their quilts.

Quilts cross the barriers of class, age, and ethnicity.They are tangible, tactile records of life in America. Every quilt has its story, reflecting the personality and passion of its maker. Each day the stories continue—a quilt is completed, another is begun and a centuries-old tradition continues.

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A Century of Quilts:  America in Cloth

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Quilts Hold Lives
Americans have gathered around quilts for generations. These three quilters continue the tradition.
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Quilts Hold Memories
Quilt collector Shelley Zegart describes quilts as "memory icons." Read more>>

Quilts Hold Stories
Quilts are vehicles for self-expression.
Meet the quilters>>

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