the Art of Quilting

Frieda Anderson

“One of the things that's so important and I really want people to understand is that what these quiltmakers are doing is absolutely no different than what your great-grandmother did. Great-grandmother took available materials and techniques, and she used those to tell a story, to tell the viewer something about the world in which she lived, about something that was important to her, that's what these artists are doing.”

Hilary Fletcher,
Executive Director,
Quilt National

The Art of Quilting is a journey of color and inspiration, a visual feast of imagination and expression. With highlights from Quilt National, Art Quilts Philadelphia and profiles of the Chicago School of Fusing members, The Art of Quilting allows viewers to discover how the boundaries of traditional American quiltmaking have expanded.

The Art of Quilting is made possible by the Alberta Kimball Foundation and by contributions to PBS stations from viewers like you.

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detail from Bob Adams quilt

Quilt National

The premier exhibition of contemporary art quilts in the country.

detail from Melody Johnson quilt

The Chicago School of Fusing

Art quilters spreading the wonders of fused quilts.

detail from x quilt

Art Quilts of Philadelphia

A month-long juried exhibition featuring quilters from all around the country.

detail from x quilt

Bonus Segment

Available through home video only.