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Deborah Sylvester
Slidell, Louisiana
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Felis Concolor

In 1998, I went to the International Quilt Festival in Houston for the first time.

I took a class there from Cindy Walter called 'Snippets'. I was willing to learn any new technique that would make the quilting easier and unique. The technique involved recreating a picture using little snippets of fabric. I was so happy with my first piece when it was completed that since then I have created six other pieces.

Felis Concolor started out as a picture from a calendar. I was simply enthralled with the eyes of the cat and I new I had to try to do my version in a quilt. Two weeks and over ten thousand snippets of fabric later my quilt was finished. After several days of trying to name this quilt I decided that this cat was majestic enough to be known by his scientific name Felis Concolor which means mountain lion, puma, or cougar.

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