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In this special presentation, Bill Moyers is joined by guests from the humanities and faith communities to explore the background and aftermath of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. Here is the poem that was presented during the course of the program.

Waltzing the Spheres
Susan Scott Thompson

We pulled each other closer in the turn
around a center that we could not see—
This holding on was what I had to learn.

The sun can hold the planets, earth the moon,
but we had to create our gravity
by always pulling closer in the turn.
Each revolution caused my head to whirl
so dizzily I wanted to break free,
but holding on was what I had to learn.

I fixed my eyes on something out there firm,
and then our orbit steadied so that we
could pull each other closer in the turn.

The joy that circles with us round the curve
is joy that passes surely as a peace,
and holding on is what we have to learn.

And if our feet should briefly leave the earth,
no matter, earth was made for us to leave,
and arms for pulling closer in the turn —
This holding on is what we have to learn.

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