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1870s -80s

1870 California passes a law against the importation of Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian women for prostitution, effectively discouraging Asian women from coming to California.

1871 Anti-Chinese violence in Los Angeles; San Francisco closes its evening school for Chinese children.

1875 Federal Page Law bars entry of "Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian prostitutes, felons, and contract laborers." Asian women are assumed to be "prostitutes." Chinese free labor is assumed to be indentured "coolie" labor.

1877 Anti-Chinese violence in Chico, California.

1879 California’s second State Constitution further preventing municipalities and corporations from employing Chinese residency law. At the same time, California State Legislature passes a law requiring all incorporated towns and cities to remove Chinese outside of city limits. Chinese community contests the legislated attempt to relocate them in court and wins U.S. Circuit Court judgment, declaring the attempt to remove them unconstitutional.

1880 Further restricting family formation and family life, the California Civil Code is amended to prohibit the issuance of a marriage license to a white person and a "Negro, Mulatto, or Mongolian." Filipinos are added in 1933, and these Anti-miscegenation laws are not repealed in California until 1948.

1885 Anti-Chinese violence from the coal miners at Rock Springs, Wyoming Territory compels President Grover Cleveland, under the urging of coal mine owners and Union Pacific Railroad, to call in Federal troops to stop the massacre and restore order. The U.S. ultimately pays more than $147,000 property damages and losses to the Chinese government representatives sent to investigate and seek redress and reparations.

1886 Residents of Tacoma, Seattle forcibly expel the Chinese.

1893 Towns in Southern California attempt to expel Chinese. Prejudice, harassment and persecution of Asians in America is not restricted to the American west.

1894 U.S. circuit court in Massachusetts declares Japanese are ineligible for naturalization.

1902 Immigration officials and the police raid Boston's Chinatown and, without search warrants, arrest almost 250 Chinese who allegedly had no registration certificates on their persons.