"Muxima," video stills (2006)

"Muxima," video stills, 2006
Digital video with sound on Mac Mini computer.
Time: 36 minutes.
© Alfredo Jaar, courtesy Galerie Lelong, New York.

"There is a beach on the outskirts of Luanda and the scene is very dramatic because you see old tankers and refineries just offshore. Every Sunday morning on that beach you see these kids playing in a beautiful choreography. When you look at it from a distance you marvel at the dance of their bodies. For me, that dance was a sign of innocence. And because of the physical presence of the oil industry right there I immediately thought, "How much of the benefit of that oil industry are they actually getting? How are the lives of these children affected by the billions of dollars coming into the country?" The answer is in the film, and the answer is none."
- Alfredo Jaar