"Helen and Annie/Mrs. Vogler Infusion," production still (2002)

"Helen and Annie/Mrs. Vogler Infusion," production still, 2002
Performers: Alessandra Assaf, Jenifer Kingsley. From "Big Hunt," five channels shot on 16mm film transferred to video, projected from DVD, 21 min 48 sec per channel, black and white, silent
© Catherine Sullivan

"The sources all generated a stylistic economy through which all of them were then filtered. This formed a series of scenes, a restaging of the sources. So you have the story of Helen Keller staged in the manner of classic American repertory theater, in a naturalistic manner reminiscent of Ingmar Bergman, and in the noir-ish manner of ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.’ And you have a permutation of scenes that is derived from the imagined narrative of Birdie Jo Hoaks. So you have the actors trying to transform, not only through these paradoxical roles but also through constantly shifting styles."
- Catherine Sullivan