"Worm's Eye" (2002)

"Worm's Eye," 2002
Oil on canvas, 97 x 92 inches
Photo by Ellen Page Wilson
Courtesy The Pace Gallery, New York

"For me, and I think this is different for all artists, I can have as much control as I want to have. But the minute I start controlling it too much, it stops making sense. I don’t want that mark-by-mark control. I want a certain amount...and then I want to let go of it. And I’m not talking about happy accidents. That’s not like what really happens in the work. If I let something just slide off, it’s not something that I’m not seeing. I see every little inch of it. It’s all about getting what I intend and what my head and my emotions want and what my arm does. And letting my arm do things that I think I don’t know about."
- Elizabeth Murray