"This Wholesomeness, beloved and despised, continues regardless" (1990)

"This Wholesomeness, beloved and despised, continues regardless," 1990
Acrylic and enamel on wood panel, 128 x 96 inches.
Collection Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Photo by Douglas M. Parker Studio.
Courtesy the artist and Regen Projects, Los Angeles.

"I started to use silhouettes in a body of work in the late 1980s. The use of the silhouettes in those very early paintings was not about discussing something specific or about autobiography or personal experience. They were simply being used as surrogates to discuss social conventions, human behavior, encoded behavior. The idea of code is always really important in the work, and surrogates can help you advance this idea. So although, visually, the work appears to have a very strong declarative voice, what is actually being advanced in the paintings is a subtext or a code."
- Lari Pittman