"Untitled #4 (In the Patio)" (2005)

"Untitled #4 (In the Patio)," 2005
Alykd, spray paint, acrylic on gessoed canvas over panel, 86 x 102 inches.
Photo by Douglas M. Parker Studio.
Courtesy the artist and Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York.

"In all of the paintings, and especially the ones that I showed in New York at the end of 2005, there really is a form of poltergeist or animism inhabiting the scene. Many times it’s coming from an inanimate object, or sometimes it’s centralized within an animate object. But I’m more interested in that poltergeist being an inanimate object. I understand it to be a really theatrical moment, and it kind of makes me cringe sometimes when it nears itself to science fiction a bit or is sometimes seen that way. I try to suppress it a little bit by it never being too spectacular, just mildly- not overwhelmingly- present."
- Lari Pittman