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PBS invites you to contribute your works of art to the online Arts experience. Explore the exhibitions and see where your work fits in. Join our Flickr group and upload your own work. Exceptional contributions may appear on the PBS Arts site.


  • Uploading images to Flickr ensures that you agree to abide by all Flickr site guidelines
  • You must be the creator of any image you submit, and you must not submit any image for which the copyright is held by another party.
  • Regardless of any license settings on your photo, you give permission to PBS to publish the submitted image and your Flickr name and link on the PBS Arts Web site in perpetuity.
  • In the event that your photo is selected to be on the PBS Arts site, you agree to be contacted through Flickr mail. If you are contacted by the contest administrator, you agree to respond within 72 hours. If you fail to respond within 72 hours of being contacted, your photo will no longer be considered for the site.