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Curator's Note:

Arizona’s vast and varied landscape is home to hundreds of artists – from a Hopi basket-weaver in the north to a Bisbee wood-turner in the south. Arizona Artforms is a series of video portraits of the artists living among us, revealing the wonder of the creative process. The video portraits were rendered in 1989 and 1990 with the intention of de-mystifying the process of art and infusing the human element into the creation of icons and objects.


This series, produced by Eight/KAET-TV in Phoenix, Arizona was written and directed by Sheilah Britton, photographed and edited by Richard Torruellas, and edited by Richard Torruellas, Ben Avechuco and Sheilah Britton. Additional Arizona Artforms videos can also be viewed on their site by clicking here.

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Arizona Artforms: Roger Asay and Rebecca Davis

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Roger Asay and Rebecca Davis are Prescott, Arizona sculptors who rely on the wealth of materials found in nature to define their work. Sculptural forms of stones and tree branches are manipulated by the artists to enhance the simple beauty of nature. They attempt to bring viewers into direct, intense contact with the raw materials of nature, hoping that they can come to see themselves as part of the seamless continuity of the natural world. They work through simplification and minimal arrangement of materials to create a clarity that reduces the distance between the viewer and the object.


Asay and Davis have collaborated for a number of years on environmental works throughout Arizona including the Inverted Pecan Trees at Reid Park in Tucson, the Salt River Dinner Party, and River Front Park in Cottonwood. Their work has been exhibited in many museums, art centers, and galleries.

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