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Curator's Note:

You will find more cattle than people in the Texas Panhandle, more wind than is necessary, and more art than you might think. Amarillo and its surrounding communities share a dedication to the arts in its many varieties: music, dance, visual art and the written word.

artZONE, produced by KACV-TV in Amarillo, captures art happening all over West Texas as it happens here at home.

It is KACV’s goal to provide a sample of the abundance of educational, accessible and beautiful art in our part of the world.

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Exhibition Playlist

Lone Star Ballet

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“Lone Star Trilogy” is an original work composed, written and choreographed for the Lone Star Ballet. The ballet chronicles the lives of three Texas Panhandle legends: Cynthia Ann Parker, Mary Ann Goodnight and Frenchie McCormack. Their trials and triumphs played a large part in the exploration and settlement of the region.

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