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Curator's Note:

You will find more cattle than people in the Texas Panhandle, more wind than is necessary, and more art than you might think. Amarillo and its surrounding communities share a dedication to the arts in its many varieties: music, dance, visual art and the written word.

artZONE, produced by KACV-TV in Amarillo, captures art happening all over West Texas as it happens here at home.

It is KACV’s goal to provide a sample of the abundance of educational, accessible and beautiful art in our part of the world.

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Exhibition Playlist

Sonata for Clarinet

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artZONE was there as Doug Storey and James Gardner performed “Sonata for Clarinet,” while its composer, Mike Garson, sat in the audience. The composition requires a high level of technique and Garson admitted he was relieved when he was not called upon to play it that evening. The movement shown here is heavily influenced by jazz, where the moments of silence are as meaningful as any part of the piece. View artZONE: Volume 1 on

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