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Creating Sets and Costumes for Bill T. Jones


The experience of Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company's Fondly Do We Hope ... Fervently Do We Pray is enhanced by an extensive visual design that includes a minimal yet versatile set, video projections, and creative costuming that shifts the dancers into new characters. This exhibit, through outtakes, photos and an interview with creative director Bjorn G. Amelan, shows the artistic process of building sets and designing costumes; techniques that the crew used in problem solving; and how the cast and crew worked together to bring Bill T. Jones's vision to life.


Watch the full episode of Bill T. Jones: A Good Man here.


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Exhibition Playlist

Set Design

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The set is made up of an oval floor on the main stage and a smaller oval satellite stage connected by a walkway. An oval traveler track hangs over the main stage from which white curtains are hung. The material is in four sections, 2 opaque and 2 translucent. The 3D renderings are created by Laura Bickford, lighting supervisor.

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