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Curator's Note:

“Homecoming” begins with a building. But it’s no ordinary concert hall. Moshe Safdie designed the dazzling new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts to nurture homegrown talent and showcase great artists.


In this case, they’re one and the same! Kansas City’s own Joyce DiDonato, fresh from a triumphant appearance at New York’s Metropolitan Opera, is heading back home to perform for the first time with Michael Stern and the Kansas City Symphony.


Go behind the scenes to learn more about the Kauffman’s architecture and acoustics, the joyful and sometimes difficult process of making this performance-documentary, and Jake Heggie, a contemporary American composer whose work is featured in the show.


Homecoming premieres on July 20, 2012

at 9pm EST / 8pm CST on PBS.

Check your local listings for more information

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Exhibition Playlist

Deepest Desire: Jake Heggie

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Jake Heggie is a contemporary American composer best known for the opera, “Dead Man Walking.” The woman at the core of that emotional story, Sister Helen Prejean, also inspired another song cycle, “Deepest Desire”, based on her writings about her faith and the work she’s done in the name of social justice. Heggie’s friendship with Joyce DiDonato began even before she was cast in the New York City Opera production of “Dead Man Walking.” He joined Joyce and music director Michael Stern at the Kauffman Center for rehearsals and the first symphonic performance of the piece.

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