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Idea Channel is a weekly web series that examines the evolving relationship between modern technology and art.

Hosted by Mike Rugnetta (@MikeRugnetta)


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Nicolas Cage: YOLO and Taoist Master?

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No one would argue that Nicolas Cage is one of the greatest actors of his generation, and simultaneously a very bizarre human being. It's not just his acting ability that makes us love him, it's his total willingness to dive head first into ANY role, with no regard for the quality of the script. He seems to have mastered the trendy YOLO philosophy before it was cool. Even deeper than YOLO, he might more of a Taoist, finding harmony with the now, foregoing calculated planning and strategy. Either way, Nic Cage's wacky life choices feel sincere, attracting a massive amount of fans, some of whom even saw The Wicker Man.

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Room for the Homeless - Level 5:

Roglok -

EatMe - Insert Toy For Coin - DJ

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