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Curator's Note:

WPBT2 has been gathering stories about the arts in South Florida through our local video portal uVu. Our arts scene is an amazing mix of influences with old Southern Charm and vibrant Latin flavorings, a dramatic blending Modern and Deco, of Urban and Rural. Beyond the pastel pop culture image of Miami Vice and South Beach nightlife there lives a world of poets, artists and musicians pushing at the edges of contemporary art while the region around them continues to mature into the dual role of cultural capital and gateway to Latin America. These stories from across the region offer a peek at exhibitions from local museums, artist profiles and performers from across South Florida.


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Exhibition Playlist

Tom Wesselmann at the Ft. Lauderdale MOA

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The Museum of Art | Ft. Lauderdale hosted an exhibition of drawings by Pop Art star Tom Wesselmann, which was originally conceived by Wesselmann and his wife, Claire, before the artist’s untimely death in 2004. Prior to the exhibition opening, Claire Wesselmann, walked through exhibition. In some intimate and revealing moments, she talks about Tom's career, the NYC Arts scene in the 60's.

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