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Curator's Note:

OFF BOOK explores cutting edge arts and the artists that make it. Breaking the mold of the definition of art, OFF BOOK explores the avant-garde, the experimental and the underground artforms that are supported by online communities. The bi-weekly, web exclusive series includes episodes on typography, steampunk, internet culture, video game art and more.

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Off Book: Visual Culture Online

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Off Book: Visual Culture Online

For decades now, people have joined together online to communicate and collaborate around interesting imagery. In recent years, the pace and intensity of this activity has reached a fever pitch. With countless communities engaging in a constant exchange, building on each others’ work, and producing a prodigious flow of material, we may be experiencing the early stages of a new type of artistic and cultural collaboration. In this episode of Off Book, we’ll speak with a number of Internet experts and artists who'll give us an introductory look into this intriguing new world.

Featuring: Chris Menning, Viral Trends Researcher, Buzzfeed MemeFactory, Internet Researchers Olivia Gulin, Visual Reporter, Know Your Meme Ryder Ripps, Artist and Co-Creator, John Kelly, PH.D., Founder and Chief Scientist, Morningside Analytics

Music by: VLOOPERHinariku216, and Reno Project.


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Produced by Kornhaber Brown

Story Development with Chris Menning, Viral Trends Researcher, Buzzfeed


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