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Curator's Note:

OFF BOOK explores cutting edge arts and the artists that make it. Breaking the mold of the definition of art, OFF BOOK explores the avant-garde, the experimental and the underground artforms that are supported by online communities. The bi-weekly, web exclusive series includes episodes on typography, steampunk, internet culture, video game art and more.

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Off Book: F.A.T. Lab

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Hacking Art & Culture with F.A.T. Lab

As we become more and more engaged with the internet in every aspect of our lives, powerful questions have arisen regarding the ownership of digital media and information, the relationship between corporations, governments, and individuals online, the power of pop culture influence, and the dissolving border between the digital and physical worlds. Taking these issues head-on is The Free Art & Technology (F.A.T.) Lab. An international group of 21 artists, hackers, thinkers, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs, F.A.T. Lab employs art, activism, pop culture, and a wealth of knowledge about how the internet works to create projects that challenge people and institutions to think a little deeper about this new world we all live in.


Featuring: Evan RothGreg LeuchAram Bartholl, and the 21 members of F.A.T. Lab

Music by: Anitek


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