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Curator's Note:

The stars come out on America’s largest stage. Friday nights from Oct. 14 at 9/8C.

H.M.S. Pinafore: Oct. 14


AMERICAN MASTERS Pearl Jam Twenty: Oct. 21


GREAT PERFORMANCES Miami City Ballet: Oct. 28


Give me the Banjo: Nov. 4


AMERICAN MASTERS Bill T. Jones: Nov. 11


Women Who Rock: Nov. 18




GREAT PERFORMANCES Andrea Bocelli: Dec. 2


GREAT PERFORMANCES The Little Mermaid: Dec. 16

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Exhibition Playlist

Bill T. Jones: A Good Man Preview

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Bill T. Jones, the recipient of a prestigious MacArthur "genius" grant and winner of two Tony Awards, has been named "an irreplaceable treasure" by the The Dance Heritage Coalition. Above all, he is a socially conscious choreographer who never shies away from controversy -- tackling thorny subjects such as race and politics with elegance and intelligence, artistry and originiality.


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