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Curator's Note:

For the past twenty years of Pearl Jam’s tours, a collection of artists including The Ames Bros and Brad Klausen have designed highly stylized posters that celebrated their tours in around the world. Throughout this body of work one thing remains consistent – the constant merging of ideas and personalities between the designers and the band to create an image. This exhibit presents twelve designs and discusses the motivations and inspirations that created the imagery to accompany Pearl Jam’s music.


*Descriptions and poster images excerpted from the book: Pearl Jam vs. Ames Bros


Also, discover the Seattle Arts Scene at KCTS.

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Exhibition Playlist

Fall 2004 Poster Series #2

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Fall 2004 Poster Series #2

Tim Robbins had a set of these framed and put in his office – it struck me as very powerful iconography. Of course some fans were disappointed it didn’t spell out something more secretive in regards to the band – like the mystery name of Stone Gossard’s dog – you know, something deeper. – Eddie Vedder

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