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Curator's Note:

For the past twenty years of Pearl Jam’s tours, a collection of artists including The Ames Bros and Brad Klausen have designed highly stylized posters that celebrated their tours in around the world. Throughout this body of work one thing remains consistent – the constant merging of ideas and personalities between the designers and the band to create an image. This exhibit presents twelve designs and discusses the motivations and inspirations that created the imagery to accompany Pearl Jam’s music.


*Descriptions and poster images excerpted from the book: Pearl Jam vs. Ames Bros


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Exhibition Playlist

San Francisco, California. July 16th, 2006

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San Francisco, California. July 16th, 2006

Inspired by the lyrics from the song “Army Reserve,” I began imagining what it would be like to have a family member in Iraq or Afghanistan. I got involved in digging for information and had a pretty good list of statistics on the war by the time I was done. By using a model kit decal sheet as a “template,” I was able to include all of it in the poster – the loss of American troops and civilians, the cost of the war effort and how many schools/homes could have been built, children immunized, college educations paid for, and jobs created if we weren’t involved in these conflicts – plus include the band/venue/date text. When I added my technical illustration of a yet-to-be-assembled missile set, it all came together. The intention of the model kit imagery was to place it on a child’s level, especially one trying to make sense out of the predicament of war and the belief that he’s supposed to support it in order to support his dad. – Coby Schultz

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