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A few years ago, KT Tunstall was ubiquitous – on radio, on tour and on iPods. Her song, “Suddenly I See,” played over the opening scene of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” and became a “girl power” anthem. There were more hits – “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” and “Other Side of the World” – and non-stop concert dates. Then she vanished. Her record label told her, politely, to take a break and “get lost,” which is exactly what she did.


Now, after roaming the world with her husband, drummer Luke Bullen and focusing on her songwriting, she’s back – with a new album, “Tiger Suit” and a wry perspective on her sudden fame. Tunstall charms “Quick Hits” with three new songs and talks to Mirissa Neff about staying “unglam” and authentic in the crazy world of pop.


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Exhibition Playlist

KT Tunstall Performs "Fade Like a Shadow"

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This song, “Fade Like a Shadow,” is “an exorcism of a bad relationship,” KT Tunstall told us. She said that with a smirk and followed it with a throaty laugh. She’s an easy one to like. You can imagine sharing a single malt whiskey with her at one of the olds pubs in Scotland where she learned her craft.

Just watch out, as she warns in the song, for that seducer with “snake hips swinging.” Could be dangerous.

This is the single from her new “Tiger Suit” album and you can see why. It’s driving, catchy, radio-friendly. And Tunstall sings and plays it like she means it, especially in this acoustic version she did for us.

Segment presented by Sound Tracks.

KT Tunstall’s official website.

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