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Curator's Note:

San Francisco offers a haven to creative talents from around the world. One of the city's newest stars is Ethiopian-born Meklit Hadero, a restless soul who found her voice in the funky Mission district's eclectic arts scene. You’ll hear hints of Billie Holiday, Tracy Chapman and Joni Mitchell in her music, but Hadero is her own unique creation. Her song, “Leaving Soon,” could easily slide into the rotation on your favorite rock or r&b station. She's also begun to explore traditional Ethiopian songs.


On our latest installment of “Quick Hits,” Hadero talks with Mirissa Neff about her unusual career, performs with her band in a small club, and sings some new acoustic songs. Just for us.


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Quick Hits: Meklit Hadero - "Leaving Soon"

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Once upon a time in the music industry, when an artist released a new album, the promo guys would always ask, “What’s the single?”  For Meklit Hadero’s CD, “On a Day Like This,” we have a quick answer: “Leaving Soon.” It’s irresistible.

This intimate performance at the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco features Darren Johnston on trumpet.  Serene Fang directed the nighttime shoot.

Segment presented by Sound Tracks.

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