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Curator's Note:

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, creativity thrived and helped to heal a community crushed by disaster.  Now, five years later, artistic works across New Orleans grow where structures crumbled and lives were washed away.  


Tour New Orleans with Craft in America and view the sculptures of artist Thomas Mann, who created Storm Cycle, a series documenting the city that was left behind.  Travel with Tavis Smiley to the Musicians' Village, a post-Katrina rebuilding project that will be a home for music-makers.  Watch artist Jana Napoli talk about her work A Wailing Wall, a feature from Louisiana PBS affiliate LPB.

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Exhibition Playlist

Storm Cycle: Angel

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Artist Thomas Mann describes Angel: I found this collapsed neighborhood church near the corner of Peniston and Baronne Streets. It was probably suffering from termite problems as well, and the shock of the storm winds literally blew it down. Standing in the midst of the ruins was a statue of an angel, missing a wing, but upright and present. I found it inspirational. I felt it was really important to the spiritual renewal of the city to have a piece like this in the Storm Cycle show.

See more of Thomas Mann's Storm Cycle images and video at Craft in America's location based Virtual Exhibition.

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