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An Interview with Anoushka Shankar

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Why does Anoushka Shankar mix flamenco with classical Hindustani music on her new album, “Traveller”? Partly, it’s the appeal of tracing the Roma people’s journey over the ages from an almost forgotten homeland in Rajasthan, India to Spain, where Gypsy culture took on North African influences and created the passionate sound of flamenco. To get it right, Anoushka collaborated with Javier Limon, a composer and record producer known for taking flamenco in unusual directions.

Of course, Anoushka is something of a gypsy herself, having grown up in London, Delhi and southern California, and touring the world in performances with her father. Now she’s repeating the pattern by traveling with her child on her own concert tours. As she tells Arun Rath, she was pregnant when she recorded the album, and the song “Inside Me,” is about her unborn son dancing inside her.

Filmed at the City Winery in New York.

Anoushka Shankar’s website:

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