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Curator's Note:

During the late 17th and early 18th centuries, two violinmakers from the same small town, indeed, the same block, were making the most sought-after violins ever created. Everyone has heard of Antonio Stradivari, but few know the name of fellow violin creator Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù. 


Through interviews with historians, experts, luthiers, and virtuosos, Violin Masters: Two Gentlemen of Cremona tells the story of these two masters of violinmaking and why today their stringed instruments are worth millions of dollars to musicians and collectors the world over.


Narrated by: Alfred Molina

Produced by: John Forsen

Co-produced by: Dave Fulton

Written by: Pamela Mason Davey

Program Premiere Date: May 1st

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Exhibition Playlist

Violin Masters: Charles Beare

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In this web-only clip, renowned violin expert Charles Beare, OME reflects on the astronomical valuations set on classic violins.

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