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Curator's Note:

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What does it mean to rock? It may seem obvious that everyone knows what rock and roll is. But when rock stars, pop music critics, and curators of rock exhibitions are asked to define rock and roll, they respond in a rather complex way. No one has a clear cut, simple definition and some find it a downright struggle to answer the question.

The reason for this is fascinating. Rock and roll is a river with many tributaries. Disparate musical genres, from blues to gospel, country to soul, have all flowed into the musical form known as rock and roll. Rock and roll is also a kind of music that means diferent things to different people. This collection reveals thoughtful answers from people who are steeped in the culture of rock and roll.


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Historian & Educator Lauren Onkey

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As Vice President of Education and Public Programs, Dr. Lauren Onkey is responsible for developing educational programs and materials in the Museum's K-12, university and adult programs. She is executive producer of the Museum's American Music Masters series, conducts interviews for the Museum's many public programs and teaches rock and roll history courses at Case Western Reserve University.

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