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Feinstein's Collection: My Intuition

“My Intuition” (music by Harry Warren and lyric by Johnny Mercer) sung by Margaret Whiting in an unreleased recording that was given to Michael Feinstein by Harry Warren in 1980.


Michael Feinstein writes:

Among the musical casualties of the MGM musical film "The Harvey Girls" is a delightful song by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer called "My Intuition." It was recorded and filmed featuring Judy Garland and John Hodiak but was cut before the film's release. The outtake footage of the number exists as does the soundtrack. Harry and Johnny wrote a first rate score for "The Harvey Girls" and won an Academy Award for their song "On The Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe."

Both Harry and Johnny were partial to this orphaned musical child, because in 1971 when Johnny performed an evening of his own songs at the New York YMHA, he asked Margaret Whiting to sing it. In 1980, Harry Warren gave me a vintage 1940s acetate copy of a rendition of the same song, again sung by Margaret Whiting, that never saw the light of day. Evidently, when the song was cut from the film, any exploitation of the number ceased and there were no commercial recordings of it offered to the public at the time of the film’s release. Margaret recalled the song clearly when I asked her about it years later and sang the whole thing by heart. She is in fine voice here and the song deserves to live.


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