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Joel Sartore:

Joel Sartore Photography
Provides a searchable database of Sartore's photos as well as biographical and event information

Joel Sartore's Madidi Diary
Suffer along with Sartore while on location in Bolivia

On the Road with National Geographic

See Sartore through the eyes of University of Florida associate professor John Freeman, who serves as an assistant to Sartore on a Nebraska shoot

National Geographic:

National Geographic
Home site for this peerless magazine

National Geographic Photography

National Geographic Photographer Biographies

Learn about other photographers who have had to learn to cope with the lifestyle their work imposes

National Geographic Biography for Joel Sartore

In addition to biographical details, this page links to National Geographic articles and photos by Sartore

Other Nebraska Nature Photographers:

Michael Forsberg
Forsberg is a colleague and friend to Sartore -- the two of them discuss the life of a professional photographer in the program

Thomas D. Mangelsen
Another excellent Nebraska nature and wildlife photographer

Nature Photography:

North American Nature Photography Association
The first and most far-ranging association for nature photographers

Nature Photographers Online Magazine
Official Web site of the Nature Photographers Network

When to Watch

At Close Range with National Geographic premieres February 5, 2007
Check your local listings.