The talent of clutch-hitter, David Ortiz

"I've been at games at Fenway Park and the Red Sox will have a lead on the Yankees late in the game, I'm talking about through the nineties and the eighties, the place is totally quiet. They don't feel good with a lead on the Yankees in the eighth inning because they know they're going to lose. Well it took, I thought, an outsider like Ortiz, born in the Dominican Republic, a guy left basically on the baseball curb by the Seattle Mariners and then the Minnesota Twins to just come in and say I don't care about history, you know. I need to establish myself as a big leaguer and why can't we win? Why are we so different than anybody else? And I think he was the one who really set the tone that just because it's been that way for eighty years it doesn't mean it has to be that way today".