Boo Me, Cheer Me

Gerald Early discusses the quandary around Bonds breaking the home run record

41 seconds

"First of all the sportswriters wanted Bonds to quit the year before he broke the record. They were all these sanctimonious articles were coming out say, 'oh if only for the good of the game Bonds should quit.' And I'm thinking to myself, why should he be thinking about the good of the game? The owners aren't. The union isn't. At that point probably since it had become an open secret about the steroids he might have thought the only way I might get any kind of payoff off out of this is to get the home-run record, you know, because it means that they can't dismiss me. I think that may have been one reason why he decided to stay around, other than, you know, his enormous ego. It puts baseball in a real quandary, I think to some degree purposely he wanted to do that and put baseball in a quandary."