Jon Miller, Joe Torre, Gerald Early and Gary Hoenig discuss "fame" and baseball

"When DiMaggio played he'd hit a home run; he'd make a great catch in the outfield; he'd do all these amazing things. And the fans could only read about in the newspaper. If they were in New York maybe they heard the game on the radio. Maybe occasionally they went to the game and so on. But DiMaggio was larger-than-life because there was a legend that grew up around him. There was a mystique because nobody actually had ever seen DiMaggio except maybe on a newsreel. And now if DiMaggio played occasionally he would have made an error and we'd see that forty-seven times on Sports Center and Baseball Tonight. The talk shows and FAN the next day they'd be saying, DiMaggio what's wrong with him? I don't think he's paying attention out there. Could be if we watched DiMaggio as closely as we watch the guys today, as closely as we watch A, Alex Rodriguez, we'd come to the conclusion maybe A-Rod was much better than DiMaggio. Who knows?"