Artful Deceptions

Doug Glanville talks about the pressure to compete in the major league

57 seconds

You have to compete and not only against your opponents but against players that are in your locker room that are your teammates. And when you see one player doing something and having success and sustainable success and you're competing with this person for this job and it does create a lot of pressure to do whatever it takes to keep up with this person. When you make a different choice and you see your career suffer it, it does bring questions when you're now watching yourself get pushed out the door. You have these huge salaries, these high stakes. And if you're an owner and you're sitting there paying a player fifteen million a year to perform in some respects you're kind of happy that they are making these choices because they're doing whatever it takes to earn their pay check so to speak. You are you are feeling that it is something special about this player that is willing to sacrifice everything they know, soul included, to be able to perform and to meet the expectation of this, this agreement.