I'm Not Here to Talk About the Past

Doug Glanville on Jose Canseco

"My mom used to always talk about when she would go to events and there'd be these hot button issues she would always look around first and say, is there a crazy person in the room to kind of say what I don't want to say in a way, that needs to be said? And I think Jose has kind of done that. He's brought a lot of things to light. He's made predictions that have actually been true and, and so his methods may be in question but you know a lot of things he says actually turned out to be credible. Well Jose Canseco I mean you know he's coming off as you know a little bit crazy. But you know what? Is he wrong? You know. It's hard to argue cause a lot of what he said has turned out to be prophetic or true. So you know I think that you have to give him his due in that respect."