"No One Walks Off the Island"

Doug Glanville talks about baseball and diversity

53 seconds

"I think there should be concern only in the fact that you know you hope that the game continues to reflect the diversity of this country. And you hate to see you know I think the fear is does this eight percent now become zero? There is some sentiment of you know people gravitating or players gravitating to an environment where they feel most comfortable. Where you see examples of coaches and managers and general managers and an infrastructure in place that embraces your culture and your experience you know. That makes a big difference for whether you decide to go basketball or football or something else. Now you couple that with the minor league experience or, or you're seeing an audience that really doesn't reflect your experience. And when you have middle management or levels that may not relate as well to players or you don't have that infrastructure it's a lot more difficult for you to survive in the game."